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Company news and articles about Dnipropetrovsk city

Dnipropetrovsk is getting ready for the European championship on basketball 2015
Less than two years left when Dnepropetrovsk will play European basketball championship in 2015. About how the city is preparing for the important sporting event read this article....

Dnipropetrovsk city development in 2013
The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk has given utterance to the priorities of its development in 2013....

Info for travelers: interesting tour in Dnepropetrovsk
What you can see in Dnipropetrovsk city? It turns out there are places you should visit during your trip. We will show these places, if you read on...

For foreign visitors of Dnipropetrovsk city, who need rental apartment we released English version of our website Now, every page of the site has not only Russian and Ukrainian versions, but also English.

As promised, we have made the Ukrainian version of our website. Now each page of our site in Russian has the same page in Ukrainian version. The links for language changes are located in the upper right corner of the page.

For all users we have improved the navigation of our web-site and now all apartments are divided on categories by the number of rooms: one-bedroom, two-bedrooms, three and four-bedroom. Each apartment has its separate web-page with detailed description, photos of apartment and electronic map of Dnepropetrovsk city, where the apartment is located. On the main page we have placed apartments that are the most popular among the visitors of

In the nearest future we plan to create English and Ukrainian version of our web-site.

Author: Julia Lyubyatina

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