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Information about Dnepropetrovsk city history economy transport

By the number of inhabitants Dnipropetrovsk takes the forth place after Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov; it is one of the biggest economic and industrials centers, the biggest center of iron industry and the ancestor of the rocket building. The first satellite was constructed at an engineering plant KB “Jujniy”. Dnepropetrovsk has recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the first Earth artificial satellite launch. The city is non-official Ukraine business center.

Dnipropetrovsk history

From time immemorial the area, where Dnipropetrovsk city is located now, had ancient habitations from Paleolith Period. In XVI century after the settlement of Zaporojskaja Sech this area was being actively inhabited, villages, farms and cities emerged here. The most famous city of the first half of XVI century - the Samar city, old name Samarj, was located in the suburb of nowadays Shevchenko village near the mouth of Samara River. Later on zaporojzi built a new city named Noviy Kodak, and in 1688 on place where Samar used to be before the Bogoroditska fortress was built. The architect of the fortress was Dutchman Villiam fon Zalen, and his immediate supervisor was hetman Ivan Mazepa.

In 1775 Zaporojskoje kozachestvo was officially liquidated and its territory was divided between Azov and Novorossiysk governments. In 1776 Catherin the Second established the center of Azov government, which from that time on carried the name Ekaterinoslav. The new city on the river Kilchen did not stand too long – its location was very unsuitable from the geological point of view.

And only on 22 January 1784 there was founded second Ekaterinoslav on the river Dnepr. It was originally planned that the city would become “The third Russian capital”. During the visit of Catherin the Second in May 1787 the city was officially named Ekaterinoslav. But as the location of the city was unsuccessful again, there occurred some difficulties connected with water supply, that’s why the city center was re-located to the West down the Dnepr River, where the kozaks’ settlement Poloviza used to be.

Today our city is having its second birth. After the number of reconstructions old buildings returned to their original splendor. The downtown gradually gains the look of a new metropolis; new airlines, which connect the city with the whole world, were opened. Dnepropetrovsk is famous not only for its architecture and its industry, but it is also known as the center of new technologies and scientific ideas; it’s famous for its theaters, culture and exposition centers, where the painters from the city and region exhibit their works.

Noisy narrow streets, beautiful and wide avenues, spreading parks – Dnepropetrovsk is unique for its picturesque quays and bridges. In the downtown there is Shevchenko Theater that was founded in 1919 as the first Ukrainian national theater.

Same as Shevchenko Theater Horkiy Theater has its own history. In 1927 Dnepropetrovsk Russian Drama Theater had first acquired its status. In 1923 Dnepropetrovsk Russian Drama Theater was given the name of Maksim Horkiy. Opera and Ballet Theater was named in в 1931 году, and in 1941 was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk. After the war was finishes the theater officially ceased its activity. It was restored in 1974, and on October 26, 1974 a new season was opened. There are also Kids Theater and theater of one actor “Krik”.

Coming to back to the Dnipropetrovsk history, you can get to know a lot if you visit Yavornitskiy Historical Museum. Dmitriy Yavornitskiy collected thousands of unique exhibits and things of zaporojskoje kozachestvo everyday life - from weapons and swords to beautiful embroider blouses and splendid decorations of that time. Museum can also narrate about Zaporojskaya Sech and kozaks’ life.

Economical development

Dnipropetrovsk is primarily an industrial city, one of the biggest Ukraine economical and transport centers. It is one of the largest manufacturers of iron industry, which is produced by such plants as Babushkin plant, Petrovskiy plant, Dnepropetrovsk pipe plant and Nizhnedneprovsriy pipe plant.

Building business is presented here by such companies as Sozidatel, Master, Albatros, Slavutich-Capital. The main office of the biggest Ukrainian bank – PrivatBank is located here.

Large shopping and leisure centers are: «Most-City», «Nonuy Center», «Novuy Kontinent», «Grand-Plaza», «Vavilon», «Daffi», «Materik», «Terra», «Karavan», «Evropa», «Arbat», «Passage», «Priozernuy». City Cinemas: «Rodina», «MostCity-Cinema», «Materik-Cinema», «Sputnik», «Pravda», «KinoStanciya», «Salut», «Sich».

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