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Dnipropetrovsk is getting ready for the European basketball championship in 2015

The European championship on basketball 2015 is just around the corner. Dnepropetrovsk is preparing itself at full speed. The first and the main thing to do is to build the new multifunctional Palace of sport on the embankment of Pobeda. It is a high time to begin its designing and building, since it is on the international scale.

That is really of a great significance and as a result needs a lot of things to be done. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing the authorities of Dnepropetrovsk are going to update. They want to modernize the old, good known Palace of sport “METEOR” And these two palaces of sport at the same time will be exploited as merchandise marts or as the conference places. Also it is on the point to build modern training bases in Dneprodzerjinsk.

Every international event demands specific conditions for its organization. In our case there are 4 main things to be done: modern sport arenas, comfortable transport, hotels and places for distraction. Looking at Dnepropetrovsk transportation system, we realize that it calls for modernization. But we have less than 2 years. What modernization can be done in such short terms? The authorities of Dnepropetrovsk are ready for innovations, which are in fact more economic and are easy to build.

First of all they are examining the project of monorail as the analogue to metropolitan. It is already built in Russia, Asia and Europe and has success. Its main advantage is that it can be built on any surface (river, mountains, hills). Also there’s no need to block roads and transport movement to install the construction (as for example while building the underground). The construction itself is quite simple, they install bearings which will support the main cable carrying coaches. And every further branch line could be joined to the main one at any place, at any angle, at any surface. There is no doubt this transport is ecological, efficient and safe. Concerning the route, the first probable itinerary will join the housing estates TOPOL and SOKOl with the embankment of POBEDA. Also they plan some routes joining the left and the right borders of Dnepropetrovsk.

Moreover the authorities of Dnepropetrovsk are going to modernize all kinds of transport. The airport will get the second landing strip. It is also known that they are going to build second railway station for suburban trains. In addition to that it is proposed to build the second bus station for suburban buses. In such case we’ll get absolutely renewed city center, so the people who comes from the suburbs will have anything they need right next to the city stations (there will be trade and entertainment complexes). It will unload the city traffic.

Also all old minibuses in the city will be replaced by new, comfortable and capacious ones. It is needless to say that they are going to modernize city electrotransport. We have to mention about bicycles. They take place of cars the more and more often. And it is very easy to make it accessible. Build cycle paths network, and points where people can hire or lease bicycles. Such a decision will passively improve common health of the citizens. And certainly they won’t forget about water transport. Its traffic is about to be recovered.

Thereby it is needed only to solve the question of habitation for tourists. Nevertheless we have many hotels, there is always demand for cheap habitation. It must be resolved by reconstructing old halls of residence. The question of places for distraction and sightseeing is not a question anymore. Because nowadays they begin to organize the more and more excursions across the city and its suburbs, introducing the ancient as well as the modern history of our native land. So tourists have a wide range of choice. It rests to construct the new Ferris wheel for everyone can admire the great beauty of Dnepropetrovsk.

Author: Julia Lyubyatina

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