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Dnepropetrovsk city development in 2013

The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk has given utterance to the priorities of its development in 2013

Initially they are going to extend subway system, build exits from the Kaidakskiy bridge, an apartment house in Pridneprovsk, outpatients' clinic on the Pobeda embankment and a new depot. Apart these expectations, they have already begun preparations for the scaled celebration of the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Dnepropetrovsk. About these ideas and not only the mayor Kulitchenko narrated in one of his interviews.

He emphasized that most of these objects are under construction at the expense of subventions from the state budget as well as from regional. But of course the city of Dnepropetrovsk also makes a major contribution in that project. Thereby authorities have to build apartment houses in Pridneprovsk to transplant people whose apartments need to be demolished. Only in that way, they’ll gain place for new exits from Kaidakskiy bridge.

"The housing estate Pridneprovskiy has a great potential – it is possible to build there over 80 houses with different number of storeys. Also we keep on building the housing estate Levoberezhnyi which is next to the lake Kuryacheye, involving new investors. There we will build 16 houses accordingly to the state program" – explained the mayor.

Another one of the main tasks is the extension of the subway system, says Kulitchenko. Accordingly to the schedule, the contractor will check on this august. Thereby Dnepropetrovsk will get its renovated historical center in 2015.

"The exterior of the central prospectus of Dnepropetrovsk is another sore subject. It is a shame for me to splurge money to fix roads and sidewalks, while they need total reconstruction. That’s why we’ll make it at large but a little later. However everything will be done to the beginning of "Eurobasket” and we’ll get a new historical center." – says the mayor.

We already have the ground for a new Sport palace as well as topological survey for it. It will be a center for different purposes – sport, distractions, exhibitions etc. Another sport palace "Meteor” will be reconstructed. So we can receive the basketball eurochampionship in full possession.

It is also compulsory to reconstruct the depot, says Kulitchenko. It is needed to separate long-distance trains from suburban trains to decrease the stream of passengers. Another important thing is to provide approaches to the future railway station from the embankment. To put it differently, build the traffic interchange to relieve Karl Marx prospectus from the stream of transport. City architects are already working at it and soon this question will be resolved, assures the mayor.

The immediate task for Dnepropetrovsk authorities is the preparation for celebration of the 70 anniversary of liberation of Dnepropetrovsk from fascist aggressors. The main actions will take place on the right bank of the Dnepr, near the monument to soldiers from 152 rifle division.

"We will assume the main financing, because it must be more than event, we should lend assistance to veterans, allocate money for them as well as for organizations closely connected with them.” – considers the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Ivan Koulitchenko.

Author: Julia Lyubyatina

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