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Two-bedroom apartment for daily rent in Dnepropetrovsk Plekhanov Street, 14

Sleeping places: 5
2nd floor of a 5-floor building

This apartment is cozy and small; the design is made in moderate brown and pinkish colors. Soft settee and a sofa, beautiful ornament on the dalle, open-space kitchen with all required appliances: stove, gas water heater, electric kettle, dishes, cooking zone and handy cabinets with shelves. You can enter the balcony from the living room.

In the bedroom you will find the continuation of a tender-pinkish design. Double bed, bed tables, capacious wardrobe with a mirror, a commode and chairs – it all will contribute to your comfort in this room. The bathroom is designed in white colors. The bath will help you to relax in warm water after your trip or a working day.

Location: Plekhanov Street 14, Babushkinskiy district
Two-bedroom apartment is located in the central part of the city. Karl Marks Avenue is quite close to it – about 5 minutes of a walk, and also about three minutes on foot to Lenin Quay. Here you will be in a quiet place and at the same time close to all important parts of the city.

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