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Two-bedroom daily apartment Dnepropetrovsk Lenin Street, 12

Sleeping places: 5
4th floor of a 5-floor building

It is fascinatingly beautiful and comfortable two-bedroom apartment. One of its parts is designed in “studio” style, and the other part is with separate rooms. As soon as you get into the apartment you find will find yourself in a single space, where everything is quite laconic. The corridor is just like transferring into the open-space, where there is a zone for meetings and rest (living-room) and a kitchen zone. There are animals’ skins that attract the attention: you can hardly resist touching it. The living-room is decorated with designer’s curtains, handwork paintings and plants: tree and flowers.

The bedroom is located in a separate room: cozy place with original double-bed, decorated with wooden head, which combines the function of bed-side table.

The bathroom gives us a touch of nature: it is designed in light-green colors with orange elements. The bath with bright-green enamel, the washing basin with a big mirror – it all will let you fix yourself up quickly. This room fills you with an amazing energy of the sun and greens.

Location: Lenin Street 12, Babushkinskiy district
Downtown, 5 minutes on foot to the quay, 2 minutes to Karl Marks Avenue (Central Avenue).

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